My AL and NL All Star Teams

Derek Jeter starting at shortstop for the AL? Really? This is a reason why fan voting should be abolished from the MLB All Star game. The fans voted Derek Jeter to start at shortstop for the AL, (.270 AVG , 3 HRs , 24 RBIs , .330 OBP , .683 OPS). Are those all star numbers? I don’t think so. More deserving of the starting spot would’ve been the Cleveland Indians’ Asdrubal Cabrera (.293 AVG , 14 HRs , 51 RBIs , .347 OBP , .836 OPS) or the Detroit Tigers’ Jhonny Peralta (.310 AVG , 14 HRs , 50 RBIs , .360 OBP , .887 OPS). Yet, these guys are merely backups. Derek Jeter yesterday, got his 3,000th career hit and two days before announced he will pull out of the all star game to rest his calf. That is the only reason why Cabrera has the starting job at shortstop for the AL in the all star team, because Jeter pulled out. Shouldn’t he have been starting in the first place? That’s whats messed up with the fan voting, it’s pretty much a popularity contest when voting. Another position where fan voting did not get it right was the NL third base position where the Philadelphia Phillies Placido Polanco was voted the starting 3B for the NL. The usual stars at the third base position in the NL have spent big chunks of time on the DL this year, the Nationals Ryan Zimmerman , the Mets David Wright and the Giants Pablo Sandoval. Placido Polanco has been having an ok season but why is no one looking at the Cubs Aramis Ramirez? Here are Polanco and Ramirez’s stats and you judge who should start. Polanco: (.274 AVG , 4 HRs , 39 RBIs , .331 OBP , .676 OPS) and Ramirez (.299 AVG , 15 HRs , 51 RBIs , .347 OBP , .846 OPS). Clearly, Aramis Ramirez should be starting for the NL at third base but the fans messed it up. The backup third basemen is the Braves Chipper Jones, who yesterday underwent surgery on his knee, so he is out of the all star game and is being replaced by the Reds Scott Rolen. Are you kidding me? Scott Rolen? I guess no one likes the Cubs at all since Aramis Ramirez isn’t getting a call to be on the roster as at least a back up third basemen. I really hope the MLB gets rid of fan voting and gets a panal of hall of famers or employees in the MLB front office to vote who gets a roster spot for each league. Anyway, here is my All Star rosters, they may include players who have recently landed on the DL but im going by best numbers, so here we go.

American League:
C-Alex Avila , Detroit Tigers
1B-Adrian Gonzalez , Boston Redsox
2B-Robinson Cano , New York Yankees
3B-Alex Rodriguez , New York Yankees
SS-Asdrubal Cabrera , Cleveland Indians
OF-Jose Bautista , Toronto Blue Jays
OF-Curtis Granderson , New York Yankees
OF-Jacoby Ellsbury , Boston Redsox
DH-David Ortiz , Boston Redsox

P-Justin Verlander , Detroit Tigers
P-CC Sabathia , New York Yankees
P-Jon Lester , Boston Redsox
P-Josh Beckett , Boston Redsox
P-James Shields , Tampa Bay Rays
P-Jered Weaver , Los Angeles Angels
P-Dan Haren , Los Angeles Angels
P-Michael Pineda , Seattle Mariners
P-Mariano Rivera , New York Yankees
P-Jose Valverde , Detroit Tigers
P-Jordan Walden , Los Angeles Angels
P-Brandon League , Seattle Mariners
P-Chris Perez , Cleveland Indians
P-David Robertson , New York Yankees

C-A.J Pierzynski , Chicago Whitesox
1B-Paul Konerko , Chicago Whitesox
1B-Miguel Cabrera , Detroit Tigers
2B-Howie Kendrick , Los Angeles Angels
3B-Adrian Beltre , Texas Rangers
3B-Kevin Youkilis , Boston Redsox
SS-Jhonny Peralta , Detroit Tigers
OF-Josh Hamilton , Texas Rangers
OF-Brennan Boesch , Detroit Tigers
OF-Matt Joyce , Tampa Bay Rays
OF-Michael Cuddyer , Minnesota Twins

National League:
C-Brian McCann , Atlanta Braves
1B-Prince Fielder , Milwaukee Brewers
2B-Rickie Weeks , Milwaukee Brewers
3B-Aramis Ramirez , Chicago Cubs
SS-Jose Reyes , New York Mets
OF-Ryan Braun , Milwaukee Brewers
OF-Matt Kemp , Los Angeles Dodgers
OF-Lance Berkman , St.Louis Cardinals

P-Roy Halladay , Philadelphia Phillies
P-Cliff Lee , Philadelphia Phillies
P-Cole Hamels , Philadelphia Phillies
P-Jair Jurrjens , Atlanta Braves
P-Tommy Hanson , Atlanta Braves
P-Clayton Kershaw , Los Angeles Dodgers
P-Ryan Vogelsong , San Francisco Giants
P-Ian Kennedy , Arizona Diamondbacks
P-Craig Kimbrel , Atlanta Braves
P-Drew Storen , Washington Nationals
P-Leo Nunez , Florida Marlins
P-Joel Hanrahan , Pittsburgh Pirates
P-Heath Bell , San Diego Padres
P-Jonny Venters , Atlanta Braves

C-Miguel Montero , Arizona Diamondbacks
1B-Joey Votto , Cincinnati Reds
1B-Gaby Sanchez , Florida Marlins
2B-Brandon Phillips , Cincinnati Reds
3B-Pablo Sandoval , San Francisco Giants
3B-Chase Headley , San Diego Padres
SS-Troy Tulowitzki , Colorado Rockies
OF-Carlos Beltran , New York Mets
OF-Andrew McCutchen , Pittsburgh Pirates
OF-Hunter Pence , Houston Astros
OF-Matt Holliday , St.Louis Cardinals
OF-Justin Upton , Arizona Diamondbacks

Final score prediction: NL 7 AL 5. National League secures home field in the World Series!

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