Top 10 BCS Standings & Bowl Game Predictions

The 2011 college football season has been a fun wild ride and the first BCS standings were released last week and I didn’t think I would do weekly rankings but I’ve changed my mind and decided to do it. The second edition of the rankings were published tonight and there is some head scratchers in my opinion. I’ll do my version here and you can see how they compare to the actual rankings. Here’s my first edition of the BCS rankings. Comment with your views.

BCS Standings:
1.LSU Tigers (8-0) defeated #20 Auburn Tigers 45-10.
2.Alabama Crimson Tide (8-0) defeated Tennessee Volunteers 37-6.
3.Oklahoma State Cowboys (7-0) defeated Missouri Tigers 45-24.
4.Boise State Broncos (7-0) defeated Air Force Falcons 37-26.
5.Stanford Cardinals (7-0) defeated #25 Washington Huskies 65-21.
6.Clemson Tigers (8-0) defeated North Carolina Tar Heels 59-38.
7.Kansas State Wildcats (7-0) defeated Kansas Jayhawks 59-21
8.Oregon Ducks (6-1) defeated Colorado Buffaloes 45-2.
9.Michigan State Spartans (6-1) defeated #6 Wisconsin Badgers 37-31.
10.Oklahoma Sooners (6-1) lost to Texas Tech Red Raiders 41-38

National Title Game: Alabama Crimson Tide vs Oklahoma State Cowboys
Rose Bowl Game: Stanford Cardinals vs Michigan State Spartans
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma Sooners vs Oregon Ducks
Sugar Bowl: LSU Tigers vs Boise State Broncos
Orange Bowl: Clemson Tigers vs Cincinnati Bearcats 

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