Super Bowl Prediction: New York Giants vs New England Patriots

The Super Bowl is upon us! The day everyone has been waiting for since the start of the 2011 NFL season. It has been a great season, and an even better postseason. Just like four years ago, the New York Giants and New England Patriots are set to clash in the Super Bowl and seem to be ready to put on another classic game. The last time these two went toe to toe in the Super Bowl, was Super Bowl XLII in Arizona, where the Giants upset the then undefeated Patriots, 17-14. This Super Bowl looks like it’ll be a more high scoring affair, which is what many fans like to see. Back in November, the Giants traveled up to Foxborough to take on the Pats, and once again the Giants escaped with a hard fought win, 24-20. Back then the Giants were missing two key players in Ahmad Bradshaw, and Hakeem Nicks. Now the Giants have both those players back, and the Patriots have a very banged up Rob Gronkowski, who is suffering from a high ankle sprain suffered in the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens. This is very bad news for the Patriots, but you’d have to think that head coach Bill Bellichick has something up his sleeve on how to pull this one out and win it. The Pats are giving three points, which I think is absurd, considering the Giants have two straight wins against the Pats, and have two players back from the last meeting and one of the Patriots stars is banged up, and the Giants are the hotter team. Anyway, here is my official Super Bowl XLVI prediction!

New York Giants @ New England Patriots – The rematch. That is what everyone is calling this. A rematch of Super Bowl XLII, where the Giants pulled off the biggest upset in football history, knocking off the then 18-0 Patriots, 17-14. I am actually more confident in the Giants in this game then I have been the last two games against the Packers and 49ers. The Pats hold the worst defense in football and the Giants possess one of the best pass rushes in football. Not to mention that New York is getting two big players back from their last meeting in November, and the Pats are dealing with arguably their best receiver playing with a bad ankle. Both teams are completely different from their last Super Bowl matchup when the Patriots had a great offense, and a very good defense. The Giants at the time had a shaky offense, and a solid defense. Now, the Pats have a horrible defense, but a great offense. The Giants now hold a great offense, and a very good defense. The Giants also thrive in the underdog role, and now that their underdogs again, they feel good. Now, I do believe that Pats head coach Bill Bellichick will have something up his sleeve to stop this Giants offense, which has three explosive receivers, and a solid backfield. You could believe that Tom Brady will find a way to beat this defense, but it all depends if his offensive line, which has been good, can hold back this tough Giants pass rush. Do I think they will? Not really, I can see Brady being sacked three or four times. Also, there is no way I can see this Patriots secondary locking up Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, and Mario Manningham enough to stop the Giants from putting lots of points on the board. I feel confident that the Giants can and will put points on the board, but can the Patriots score enough on this Giants defense? I don’t think they’ll score enough to keep up with the Giants, which is why I’m taking the Giants to beat the Patriots for the third straight time, and second straight time in the Super Bowl. New York Giants (+3) against New England Patriots.

Super Bowl XLVI Prediction: New York Giants 31 New England Patriots 27. Eli Manning wins his 2nd career Super Bowl MVP.

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