Top 10 MLB Power Rankings: June 18th Edition

It is time for the third edition of the top 10 MLB power rankings! It was a crazy week as the Yankees are red-hot and had an undefeated week at 6-0, sweeping series from the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals. The Yankees were fifth in the power rankings last week and will move up significantly. We may have also seen the two greatest pitching performances on a single day this week.

On Wednesday night, New York Mets starting pitcher, R.A. Dickey, threw a complete game one hitter against the Tampa Bay Rays. The one hit was an infield single with two outs in the first inning by B.J. Upton that Mets third baseman, David Wright, failed to bare hand. Some people thought it could have been an error. After an appeal to reverse the official scorer’s decision, Major League Baseball denied the appeal and kept it as a hit. It would have allowed the Mets to have third second no-hitter in two weeks. The Mets won the game 9-1. The run scored, reached first base on an error in the ninth inning by David Wright, moved up on two passed balls, and scored on a ground out while at third base. The two passed balls were ironic, considering the catcher, Mike Nickeas, was handling Dickey’s knuckleball well all game. He didn’t give up a hit from two outs in the first inning until the end of the game. Dickey finished with a complete game, allowed one hit, one unearned run, no walks, and struck out 12.

On that same night we saw San Francisco Giants starting pitcher, Matt Cain, throw a perfect game against the Houston Astros. There were no close plays in this game to appeal anything or put any asterisks next to Cain’s perfect game. Cain struck out 14, which is tied for the most strikeouts in a perfect game, with Sandy Koufax, who did it for the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Chicago Cubs in 1965. Many are calling Cain’s perfect game the greatest pitched game ever. If Cain is getting those claims, and R.A. Dickey was very, very unlucky in his one hitter, where he could have perhaps been given a no-hitter, then those two might have had the two greatest pitching performances on a single day ever. You can read up on that right here .

Anyways, back to the power rankings. Expect some big changes this week, as some teams in last weeks top 10 went cool, and some stayed hot. So let’s get to it, here’s this weeks edition of the power rankings. You can view last weeks edition of the top 10 power rankings right here

1.New York Yankees (40-25 overall, 6-0 last week) – The Yankees are the hottest team in baseball. They’re on a nine game winning streak, sweeping three straight NL East teams, the Mets, Braves, and Nationals. (Last Week: 5th)

2.Texas Rangers (40-27 overall, 5-1 last week) – The Rangers have a great week and jump up five spots in the rankings. The offense and pitching were great all week vs Arizona and Houston. They get two more easy tests this week vs San Diego and Colorado. (Last Week: 7th)

3.Los Angeles Dodgers (42-25 overall, 3-3 last week) – The Dodgers lose their top spot, but remain in the top three with a .500 week. They take two of three from the Whitesox and lose two of three to the Angels, with both losses being one run losses. (Last Week: 1st)

4.Washington Nationals (38-26 overall, 3-3 last week) – The Nationals drop two as well with a .500 week. They sweep Toronto on the road and get swept by the Yankees at home. Lots of tight games that a young team has to learn to win. (Last Week: 2nd)

5.Baltimore Orioles (39-27 overall, 5-1 last week) – The Orioles remain a great story this year as they sweep Pittsburgh and take two of three from Atlanta on the road. The pitching and hitting seem to be there, so the Orioles may hang around for a while longer. (Last Week: 9th)

6.Cincinnati Reds (38-27 overall, 6-0 last week) – The Reds have an undefeated week against the Indians and Mets. Joey Votto is ON FIRE and having another MVP season. The Reds can hit and pitch great and look like the best team in the NL as of right now. (Last Week: Not Ranked)

7.Los Angeles Angels (36-31 overall, 4-2 last week) – The Angels take two of three each from the Dodgers and Diamondbacks. This team looks like it’s finally putting it together with its big bats and the pitching is looking solid in the absence of Jered Weaver. (Last Week: Not Ranked)

8.Tampa Bay Rays (37-29 overall, 2-4 last week) – The Rays get swept by the Mets but bounce back to take two of three against in state rivals, Miami. This team needs Evan Longoria back badly if they wanna stay in the AL East race. They currently sit 3.5 games back of the Yankees. (Last Week: 3rd)

9.San Francisco Giants (37-30 overall, 3-3 last week) – The Giants have a .500 week and manage to move up a spot due to other teams having horrible weeks. The Giants sit five games back of the Dodgers and need Tim Lincecum to come around finally and pitch like the two-time Cy Young award winner he is and add a bat. (Last Week: 10th)

10.Chicago Whitesox (35-31 overall, 2-4 last week) – The Sox have cooled off since that hot stretch they were on when they entered June. They still lead the AL Central, but need to win tight games that they seem to be losing a lot lately. (Last Week: 5th)

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