Top 10 MLB Power Rankings: July 2nd Edition

It is time for the fifth installment of my weekly top 10 MLB power rankings! Since it’s the first edition for the month of July, I will be including the leaders in both leagues MVP, Cy Young, Rookie Of The Year, and Manager Of The Year races. There will be major changes, as one could expect. Anyways, enough of me blabbering on and on and on, here’s the latest top 10 MLB power rankings. Leave a comment if you have a disagreement in any area.

You can catch last weeks rankings right here, .

1)Texas Rangers (50-30 overall, 5-2 last week) – The Rangers have a great week taking two of three from Detroit and taking three of four from Oakland. With Roy Oswalt in the rotation and the rumors of them being interested in a trade for Zack Greinke or Cole Hamels, the Rangers may make it three straight trips to the World Series this year. (Last Week: 1st)

2)New York Yankees (48-30 overall, 5-2 last week) – The Yankees sweep Cleveland in three and split four with the Chicago Whitesox. The loss of Sabathia and Pettitte will hurt them and Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes must step it up big time now. (Last Week: 2nd)

3)Los Angeles Angels (44-35 overall, 4-2 last week) – The Angels sweep two games in Baltimore and split four in Toronto. Not a bad week and now that they’re making a huge push in the AL West, it looks like they’re the team we’ve all been expecting to see. (Last Week: 3rd)

4)San Francisco Giants (45-35 overall, 5-2 last week) – The Giants got tremendous pitching all week, getting a three game shutout sweep against the Dodgers and split four with the Reds and getting a shutout to start that series. They’ve taken a first place hold of the NL West and don’t look like they’ll give it up anytime soon. (Last Week: 7th)

5)Washington Nationals (45-32 overall, 4-3 last week) – The Nats split four in Colorado and take two of three in Atlanta. If they hit like they did last week, for the rest of the season, they just may indeed make the playoffs. (Last Week: 4th)

6)Cincinnati Reds (43-35 overall, 4-3 last week) – The Reds took two of three in Milwaukee and split four in San Francisco. This team can definitely hit and pitch and look like a NL Pennant favorite along with San Fran. (Last Week: Not Ranked)

7)Chicago Whitesox (42-37 overall, 4-3 last week) – Taking two of three in Minnesota and split four in New York ain’t bad for an overachieving Whitesox team. If they can add a bat and arm at the trade deadline, they may make a serious playoff run. (Last Week: 8th)

8)New York Mets (43-37 overall, 4-3 last week) – Dropping two of three in Chicago was bad, but shockingly taking three of four in Los Angeles was not expected. R.A. Dickey and Johan Santana once again proved why they are undoubtedly a top five 1-2 punch in baseball with an eight shutout inning performance for the each of them. (Last Week: Not Ranked)

9)Pittsburgh Pirates (42-36 overall, 4-3 last week) – A good week for the Pirates as they split four in Philadelphia and take two of three in St.Louis. Andrew McCutchen is really carrying this team on the offensive side but they do need to add a bat. Also, having James McDonald and A.J. Burnett pitching great has really meant a lot for the pitching staff. They may make a September run at the division crown if they keep playing like this. (Last Week: 9th)

10)Boston Redsox (42-37 overall, 4-3 last week) – The Redsox are making a run to the top of the AL East now and just took two of three vs Toronto and split four in Seattle. It’ll be a huge boost once they get Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford back, just watch how good they will look. (Last Week: Not Ranked)

1)Josh Hamilton, CF, Texas Rangers: .314 AVG, 25 HR’s, 73 RBI’s, .381 OBP, .643 SLUG, .1.023 OPS.
2)Mark Trumbo, OF, Los Angeles Angels: .312 AVG, 20 HR’s, 55 RBI’s, .361 OBP, .620 SLUG, .981 OPS.
3)Robinson Cano, 2B, New York Yankees: .310 AVG, 20 HR’s, 46 RBI’s, .371 OBP, .591 SLUG, .962 OPS.

AL Cy Young:
1)Chris Sale, Chicago Whitesox: 9-2, 2.27 ERA, 0.97 WHIP, 94 K’s.
2)Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers: 8-5, 2.69 ERA, 0.98 WHIP, 121 K’s.
3)David Price, Tampa Bay Rays: 11-4, 2.92 ERA, 1.22 WHIP, 97 K’s.

AL Rookie Of The Year:
1)Mike Trout, OF, Los Angeles Angels: .339 AVG, 9 HR’s, 33 RBI’s, .395 OBP, .542 SLUG, .938 OPS.
2)Will Middlebrooks, 3B, Boston Redsox: .298 AVG, 10 HR’s, 37 RBI’s, .335 OBP, .538 SLUG, .873 OPS.
3)Yu Darvish, SP, Texas Rangers: 10-5, 3.59 ERA, 1.36 WHIP, 117 K’s.

AL Manager Of The Year:
1)Robin Ventura, Chicago Whitesox.
2)Buck Showalter, Baltimore Orioles.
3)Ron Washington, Texas Rangers.

1)Joey Votto, 1B, Cincinnati Reds: .350 AVG, 14 HR’s, 47 RBI’s, .471 OBP, .632 SLUG, 1.103 OPS.
2)Andrew McCutchen CF, Pittsburgh Pirates: .346 AVG, 15 HR’s, 51 RBI’s, .401 OBP, .593 SLUG, .994 OPS.
3)David Wright, 3B, New York Mets: .354 AVG, 9 HR’s, 50 RBI’s, .447 OBP, .560 SLUG, 1.007 OPS.

NL Cy Young:
1)R.A. Dickey, New York Mets: 12-1, 2.15 ERA, 0.88 WHIP, 116 K’s.
2)Matt Cain, San Francisco Giants: 9-3, 2.53 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, 114 K’s.
3)Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals: 9-3, 2.81 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, 122 K’s.

NL Rookie Of The Year:
1)Wade Miley, SP, Arizona Diamondbacks: 9-4, 2.87 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, 66 K’s.
2)Bryce Harper, OF, Washington Nationals: .274 AVG, 8 HR’s, 22 RBI’s, .348 OBP, .471 SLUG, .819 OPS.
3)Kirk Nieuwenhuis, OF, New York Mets: .275 AVG, 7 HR’s, 25 RBI’s, .335 OBP, .414 SLUG, .749 OPS.

NL Manager Of The Year:
1)Davey Johnson, Washington Nationals.
2)Don Mattingly, Los Angeles Dodgers.
3)Terry Collins, New York Mets.

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