Why the Jets May Be Better Than You Expect

Now some of you may think I’m crazy for thinking that the Jets can have a good season, but give me some of your time to explain why. The Jets offense has looked horrid this preseason with their two quarterback system, featuring Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. The right tackle position looked abysmal the first two preseason games with Wayne Hunter starting, but he was replaced in the third preseason game by Austin Howard. Austin Howard ended up playing a good game and the offensive line looked good vs Carolina on Sunday night. On Tuesday, The Jets ended up trading Hunter to the St.Louis Rams for Jason Smith, who was the number two overall pick, behind Matthew Stafford, in the 2009 NFL Draft. Smith has had a disappointing first three years, but perhaps he can get his career back on track like Aaron Maybin did last year when the Jets picked him up. Howard, however, remains the starting RT, and Smith will back him up. SO perhaps the offense will score a bit more and look better this year with a better offensive line. Not to mention, the first team defense has looked incredible and looks like it will be top five again and maybe even fight for the number one spot. As long as everyone stays healthy, especially Laron Landry, the new safety who has a knack for getting hurt. If the whole unit stays healthy, opposing offenses will have a very long day trying to score on it. Anyways back to the topic of this article, here is why I think the Jets will be better than most people think this year.

You might think I’m crazy for thinking the Jets may be somewhat good but here’s why it might not be so crazy. The Jets face Jake Locker, Andrew Luck, Blaine Gabbert, Alex Smith, Russell Wilson, Sam Bradford, Ryan Fitzpatrick twice, Ryan Tannehill twice, and either Kevin Kolb or John Skelton. That is 11 rookie or average to below average quarterbacks on the schedule. That equates to 11 very winnable games, and with this defense, how can you go wrong in thinking the Jets have a good chance at winning. That could be 11 wins right there, with five more games that they could also land another win or two. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they’ll be 13-3, 12-4, or 11-5, because I haven’t made my official predictions, but I think they have a chance at going 11-5. Do I think they will be a playoff team? I’m not sure yet, but they might actually have a very favorable schedule on their hands. Averaging 17 points per game may just be good enough with this scary defense and average to below average quarterbacks coming up against them. Let’s say the Jets only win 8 of those games, they still have five other games left that they could possibly squeak out another two or three wins. I wasn’t optimistic at all for this upcoming Jets season, but after a friend gave me this stat about these quarterbacks facing the Jets, I’m a lot more optimistic.

In the remaining five games the Jets face Matt Schaub, Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, and Tom Brady twice. That sure is a tall order, but the Jets did beat Rivers last year, and Big Ben has no running game behind him and Mike Wallace may be rusty as he has just come back from his contract hold out, so that could help the Jets a lot. Also, the Steelers defense is still good, but it is a year older, so that may help the Jets. Schaub isn’t an elite QB, and Andre Johnson is injury prone, so with no elite receiver behind him, that may help the Jets a lot too, if Andre is hurt or not 100% at the time. And as you all know, Tom Brady is a top three QB and well, he can beat any defense.

Still, the Jets have a very favorable schedule against sub par quarterbacks, so it may be better than you think this season Jets fans. Then again, the Jets do have a knack for embarrassing themselves and failing miserably in winnable games, so who knows what we’ll get from them in those 11 games. Hopefully it’s an uplifting season and Mark Sanchez plays well and Stephen Hill and Quinton Coples play great in their rookie seasons as they have high expectations. Lets hope for a great, fun, exciting season Jets fans, as we all know we need it after last season. 

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