Post Week 3 NFL Top 12 Power Rankings

I am appalled. As I write this I am around one hour removed from seeing one of the biggest screw ups in sports history. The Green Bay Packers lead 12-7 on Monday Night Football, with :08 seconds left. The Seattle Seahawks had the ball around the their own 25 yard line and it was 4th & 10. Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson scrambled in the backfield and launched a hail mary to the end zone where there was two Seahawks receivers and about four or five Packers defenders. Golden Tate of the Seahawks would push Sam Shields for offensive pass interference, but no flag was thrown, but wait, that wasn’t even the worst part of the play. M.D. Jennings of the Packers would jump up and intercept the pass to end the game, but Tate had a part of the ball too as they fell to the ground. Two replacement referees would then look at who had the ball for about five seconds and one referee signaled touchdown, as the other referee signaled touch back. The play was reviewed and it clearly showed that M.D. Jennings intercepted the ball to end the game and seal a 12-7 win in Seattle. The refs didn’t agree though and STILL somehow managed to have the guts to say that after video review the touchdown call was upheld. The Seahawks won 14-12 and the Packers players stormed off the field in disgust.

That was one of the worst, crazy, disgusting endings to a sporting event I can remember right now. I’m not a fan of either team, but I am enraged right now as a fan of the sport who wants these games to be called fair.

Anyway, to those who came here, here is the post week three NFL power rankings.

1.Houston Texans (3-0) defeated Denver Broncos 31-25. Last Week (2). The score does not indicate how bad the Texans gave a whooping to the Broncos. The Texans without a doubt now look like the best team in the NFL.

2.Atlanta Falcons (3-0) defeated San Diego Chargers 27-3. Last Week (3). The Falcons demolish the Chargers and may have just taken the top spot as the NFC’s top team. This offense and defense is damn impressive.

3.New York Giants (2-1) defeated Carolina Panthers 37-6. Last Week (5). The Giants, who were doubted by almost everyone coming into this game without Hakeem Nicks and Ahmad Bradshaw shock a lot of people and blow the Panthers out the door with a new RB in Andre Brown and a legit #3 target at the WR position in 6’6 Ramses Barden. Watch out folks.

4.San Francisco 49ers (2-1) lost to Minnesota Vikings 24-13. Last Week (1). The Niners get manhandled by the Vikings in the Metrodome. What was really shocking was how second year QB, Christian Ponder, really controlled the game and toyed with this 49ers defense.

5.Baltimore Ravens (2-1) defeated New England Patriots 31-30. Last Week (7). The Ravens defeat the Patriots in revenge for their 2011 AFC Title game loss to them. Torrey Smith hauls in two touchdowns less than 24 hours after his brother is killed in a motorcycle accident, what a game for him.

6.Arizona Cardinals (3-0) defeated Philadelphia Eagles 27-6. Last Week (11). The Cardinals stun some people and blow out the Eagles. Kevin Kolb looked good and Larry Fitzgerald had a great game to prove to everyone that the Cardinals are no jokes and are back.

7.Green Bay Packers (1-2) lost to Seattle Seahawks 14-12. Last Week (3). This shouldn’t be a loss, but it is unfortunately a loss and they slip. They’re not falling merely because they lost, but they didn’t even look particularly good at all and Aaron Rodgers got sacked eight times. Unfortunate loss nonetheless though.

8.New England Patriots (1-2) lost to Baltimore Ravens 31-30. Last Week (6). The Pats fall late in Baltimore and don’t look like the dominating team we saw last year so far. In a soft division, it’s not nearly time to panic for the Pats.

9.Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) defeated Washington Redskins 38-31. Last Week (N/R). The Bengals offense looks really good, but the defense has to tighten up. This looks like a playoff team though and is improving from last year.

10.Chicago Bears (2-1) defeated St.Louis Rams 23-6. Last Week (N/R). The Bears get back on track and smack around the Rams as they are tied for first place in the NFC North.

11.Seattle Seahawks (2-1) defeated Green Bay Packers 14-12. Last Week (N/R). The Seahawks stun the Packers on that ridiculous play to end the game. They should be 1-2, but they are 2-1 nonetheless. The defense was crazy impressive, sacking Aaron Rodgers eight times and holding the Pack to two field goals and one touchdown. Great game, but they didn’t deserve the win.

12.Minnesota Vikings (2-1) defeated San Francisco 49ers 24-13. Last Week (N/R). The Vikings? Yes, they are tied for first place in the NFC North through three weeks and just beat the NFC’s best team. Ponder looked good and the defense looks pretty good, maybe a run for a wildcard spot perhaps?

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