Week 4 NFL Picks

Week four of the 2012 NFL season is upon us and it is time for my weekly picks. I went 8-7 last week after two straight 7-8 weeks to open the season. I should have gone 9-6 if the replacement referees got the final call right in the Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks game on Monday night. Anyways, I’m not gonna get all wrapped up in that. With baseball season almost over, it means more attention on football and I’m very excited about that. My Jets stand at 2-1, their win last week in Miami, 23-20 in overtime sure was ugly, but they’re the Jets and they’ll take any win they can get. And as a Jets fan, I’m very excited to see the New England Patriots standing at 1-2 and not looking as well as they did last year. The schedule does get tougher for the Jets as they get San Francisco and Houston the next two games at home as both teams have the top two defenses in football and not too shabby offenses, so I’m nervous about that.

My overall record this year in my NFL picks is 21-22. Hopefully I can jump over .500 this week. Here are my picks.

New England Patriots defeat Buffalo Bills
Detroit Lions defeat Minnesota Vikings
Atlanta Falcons defeat Carolina Panthers
San Francisco 49ers defeat New York Jets
San Diego Chargers defeat Kansas City Chiefs
Houston Texans defeat Tennessee Titans
Seattle Seahawks defeat St.Louis Rams
Arizona Cardinals defeat Miami Dolphins
Denver Broncos defeat Oakland Raiders
Cincinnati Bengals defeat Jacksonville Jaguars
Green Bay Packers defeat New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat Washington Redskins
New York Giants defeat Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys defeat Chicago Bears

Six Pack Parlay:
San Francisco 49ers (-4) @ New York Jets
Cincinnati Bengals (-1) @ Jacksonville Jaguars
New York Giants (+2.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals (-5.5) vs Miami Dolphins
San Diego Chargers (-1) @ Kansas City Chiefs
Atlanta Falcons (-7) vs Carolina Panthers

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