Post Week 5 NFL Top 12 Power Rankings

Week five of the 2012 NFL season is in the books. It was yet another interesting week as the top teams looked really good and stayed hot. There were three teams undefeated coming into week five, but after week five there is only two left. There was also two winless teams coming into week five, now there is only one. The game of the week was the Denver Broncos at the New England Patriots, as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady resumed their classic rivalry. Brady and the Patriots led 31-7 at one point, and ultimately ended up winning 31-21. It’s Brady’s ninth win against Manning in 13 games. The Patriots are sure to move up in the power rankings, as the Broncos are sure to move down and maybe out of the rankings with their sad showing at Gillette Stadium. Lets get to the rankings now, shall we?

1.Houston Texans (5-0) defeated New York Jets 23-17. Last Week (1). The Texans get a scare by the Jets but the defense and Arian Foster play a good game and keep the Texans undefeated.

2.Atlanta Falcons (5-0) defeated Washington Redskins 24-17. Last Week (2). The Falcons squeak out another close, tough win. Tony Gonzalez proved why he is a first ballot hall of fame tight end. Is this the best team in the NFC?

3.San Francisco Giants (4-1) defeated Buffalo Bills 45-3. Last Week (3). The Niners annihilate the Bills and become the first team in NFL history to pass for 300+ yards and rush for 300+ yards in the same game as a team. Unreal and powerful showing.

4.Baltimore Ravens (4-1) defeated Kansas City Chiefs 9-6. Last Week (4). The Ravens barely beat out the Chiefs in a game that consisted of five combined field goals as all of the scoring. What a boring game. The Ravens D sure did show up though.

5.New England Patriots (3-2) defeated Denver Broncos 31-21. Last Week (7). The score does not indicate how much the Patriots dominated the Broncos, but they did. This Patriots team looks ready to run away with the AFC East.

6.Chicago Bears (4-1) defeated Jacksonville Jaguars 41-3. Last Week (8). The Bears destroy the Jags on the road and this defense is really clicking. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are getting back to playing like they did in their old Denver days.

7.Minnesota Vikings (4-1) defeated Tennessee Titans 30-7. Last Week (10). The Vikings continue to win and rout the Titans at home. Is this team for real, or are they just starting the season on a hot stretch?

8.New York Giants (3-2) defeated Cleveland Browns 41-27. Last Week (11). The Giants get back on track by putting up 41 points on the Browns. The defense looks bad, but hopefully they’ll get healthy soon and go on a big run.

9.Arizona Cardinals (4-1) lost to St.Louis Rams 17-3. Last Week (5). Many people were wondering if the Cardinals were for real after starting 4-0. We sort of got an answer after they were dominated by the Rams on Thursday night after allowing nine sacks. They’re still in first in the NFC West though.

10.Cincinnati Bengals (3-2) lost to Miami Dolphins 17-13. Last Week (9). The Bengals get upset at home by the Dolphins. I still think they’re a playoff team with their offense and improving defense. The loss of Bernard Scott at RB is rough though.

11.Indianapolis Colts (2-2) defeated Green Bay Packers 30-27. Last Week (N/R). The Colts come back from 21-3 down, to beat the Packers 30-27 in the most thrilling game of the day. Andrew Luck announces that he has arrived and stages a huge comeback against one of the best teams and quarterback in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers and has a huge day hooking up with Reggie Wayne (13 catches, 212 yards, GW TD). It was an emotional win as the first year head coach of the Colts, Chuck Pagano, was diagnosed with leukemia and will be away from the team for most likely the rest of the season. This one was for Chuck. #CHUCKSTRONG

12.Green Bay Packers (2-3) lost to Indianapolis Colts 30-27. Last Week (6). The Packers don’t look like the same team that won the Super Bowl two years ago and are a mess. Melting down against a rookie QB after having an 18 point lead is not good at all. This team needs major help, especially on the offensive line and in their secondary. If they keep playing like this, they’ll fall completely out of the power rankings quickly and not even be in the playoffs.

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