Post Week 7 NFL Top 12 Power Rankings

Week seven of the 2012 NFL season is now in the books. That means it’s time for the post week seven NFL top 12 power rankings.We saw tremendous games in Buffalo, East Rutherford, Tampa Bay, New England, Cincinnati, and Detroit this week. There is only one word that sums up the games this week and that word is: frantic. The final undefeated team had the week off and that team is the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons get the Philadelphia Eagles next week on the road. Three teams that were in last weeks power rankings lost this week and will for sure drop. Lets see how it goes, here’s the post week seven NFL top 12 power rankings.

1.Atlanta Falcons (6-0) BYE WEEK. Last Week (1). The Falcons get a much needed week off as they have been struggling in their last few wins.

2.New York Giants (5-2) defeated Washington Redskins 27-23. Last Week (3). The Giants rally with 1:30 remaining on a 77 yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning to Victor Cruz. Best team in the NFC? Perhaps.

3.Houston Texans (6-1) defeated Baltimore Ravens 43-13. Last Week (4). The Texans look like the class of the AFC as they rebound from their blowout loss to the Packers and come back to blow out the Ravens.

4.Chicago Bears (5-1) defeated Detroit Lions 13-7. Last Week (6). A great defensive showdown on Monday Night Football. The Bears defense proves to be tough as nails and they barely scored enough to get the win.

5.Green Bay Packers (4-3) defeated St.Louis Rams 30-20. Last Week (5). The Packers offense is looking really good the last two weeks. The loss of Charles Woodson in their secondary to a broken collarbone will haunt them though.

6.San Francisco 49ers (5-2) defeated Seattle Seahawks 13-6. Last Week (7). The Niners get back on track and shut down the Seattle offense but still manage to struggle a bit on offense themselves, putting up a combined 16 points the last two weeks.

7.New England Patriots (4-3) defeated New York Jets 29-26 in OVERTIME. Last Week (8). The Patriots get a scary win thanks to the Jets screwing up big time in the final minutes of regulation and in overtime. The Pats team just does not look so good anymore.

8.Baltimore Ravens (5-2) lost to Houston Texans 43-13. Last Week (2). The Ravens get their doors blown off in Houston and are really looking bad on offense and the defense is just not good anymore.

9.Minnesota Vikings (5-2) defeated Arizona Cardinals 21-14. Last Week (11). The Vikings get a huge game from Adrian Peterson to keep them ahead of the Packers and Lions in the NFC North. This team is looking impressive.

10.Denver Broncos (3-3) BYE WEEK. Last Week (10). The Broncos hit their bye week as they get ready for a tough final 10 weeks.

11.Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3) defeated Cincinnati Bengals 24-17. Last Week (N/R). The Steelers get a hard fought divisional win on the road and are making a comeback with the Ravens faltering in the AFC North.

12.Seattle Seahawks (4-3) lost to San Francisco 49ers 13-6. Last Week (9). The Seahawks are held without a touchdown at Candlestick Park but do a good job themselves in holding the 49ers to only 13 points, but obviously, it wasn’t good enough. This team is impressive though.

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