Post Week 9 NFL Top 12 Power Rankings

Due to Hurricane Sandy last week, I was unable to release my “Post Week 8 NFL Top 12 Power Rankings” as I had no phone battery life and no internet connection due to my power being out. I did not get power back until this past weekend and was so busy and had other things to do. So with all that, I decided to go through week nine of the 2012 NFL season without releasing the “Post Week 8 Top 12 NFL Power Rankings” prior to week nine. I’ll keep the same rankings from my post week seven rankings and use the week nine results to determine this weeks order. So let’s get to it, here are the post week nine top 12 NFL power rankings.

1.Atlanta Falcons (8-0) defeated Dallas Cowboys 19-13. Last Week (1). The Falcons play great defense and remain undefeated. Their road to the NFC’s #1 seed looks solid right now.

2.Houston Texans (7-1) defeated Buffalo Bills 21-9. Last Week (3). The Texans take care of business against the Bills off the BYE and sure look like the best team in the AFC.

3.Chicago Bears (7-1) defeated Tennessee Titans 51-20. Last Week (4). The Bears continue to play amazing defense and get a tremendous day from the Jay Cutler-Brandon Marshall connection. I think Chicago could be the only team to give Atlanta a run for their money for the NFC #1 seed.

4.Green Bay Packers (6-3) defeated Arizona Cardinals 31-17. Last Week (5). The Packers get a comfortable win at home against the Cards and are on a role after starting the year 2-3. They still need to figure out the run game and offensive line though.

5.New York Giants (6-3) lost to Pittsburgh Steelers 24-20. Last Week (2). The Giants get a very poor performance from Eli Manning (10-24, 125 yards) and are completely outplayed by the Steelers, although the score didn’t show it.

6.San Francisco 49ers (6-2) BYE WEEK. Last Week (6). The 49ers hit their BYE as they continue to lead the NFC West and they will try to run away with the West coming off the BYE.

7.Baltimore Ravens (6-2) defeated Cleveland Browns 25-15. Last Week (8). The Ravens get a much-needed win after their BYE week and being blitzed by the Texans beforehand. This team is doing alright so far since Ray Lewis and Ladarius Webb both went down with season ending injuries in week six vs Dallas.

8.New England Patriots (5-3) BYE WEEK. Last Week (7). The Patriots hit their BYE and get an easy task coming out of it with a home date vs the division rivals, the Buffalo Bills.

9.Denver Broncos (5-3) defeated Cincinnati Bengals 31-23. Last Week (10). The Broncos take care of business in Cincinnati and are getting really hot now and ready to make a big run to get to the AFC’s #1 seed.

10.Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3) defeated New York Giants 24-20. Last Week (11). The Steelers get a huge road win, even though they flew into New Jersey on game day. Time to make a run in the AFC North and maybe get a first round playoff bye? Perhaps.

11.Seattle Seahawks (5-4) defeated Minnesota Vikings 30-20. Last Week (12). The Seahawks get a nice win at home against the chippy, tough to beat Vikings, and are in position, as of today, to make the playoffs. Great job by Pete Carroll.

12.Indianapolis Colts (5-3) defeated Miami Dolphins 23-20. Last Week (N/R). Andrew Luck sets the single game rookie passing yards record (433 yards) as the Colts take down another tough team at home, where they are 4-1. This team looks like they’re good enough to make a run for a playoff spot.

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