The New York Mets Are Becoming The New York Jets Of Baseball

New York Mets skylineIs there a bigger joke in the NFL then the New York Jets? Of course not. We’re talking about a team that made a trade for the former mile high messiah in Tim Tebow to be their backup quarterback/wildcat formation leader in their offense. This is also a team that would make no additions to the offense to make them a better contender. When the season began, Tebow was used very sparingly by the coaching staff and Tebow didn’t like it. As the season went on, it got worse, and the team got worse with season ending injuries to their best offensive and defensive players, a horrible run game, and a very shaky offensive line. Eventually the team would suffer an embarrassing loss on Thanksgiving night to the arch rival New England Patriots, where starting QB Mark Sanchez would run the ball and end up literally running into his own teammates ass and fumbling the ball and allowing the Pats to pick it up and run it in for another touchdown. Sanchez would even lay on the ground motionless for a moment like his teammates ass had knocked him out before hopping right up and walking off the field. That was the lowest point of the Jets season. They were the laughing-stock of the NFL. It somehow got worse though, when Tim Tebow would be diagnosed with broken ribs he suffered in Seattle and would be inactive in early December against the Arizona Cardinals when Sanchez had one of his worst games and the Jets would FINALLY turn to their backup to go into the game, but since Tebow was inactive the backup that week was Greg McElroy, the second year player out of Alabama. McElroy would throw for the only touchdown in the game and win the game for the Jets, 7-6. Once Tebow was active though, Sanchez would continue starting until week 16 when coach Rex Ryan chose Greg McElroy to start against the San Diego Chargers over the backup Tim Tebow. Well, McElroy would be the victim of a devastating Chargers pass rush that sacked him 11 times, yes ELEVEN times. McElroy was slated to start the finale in week 17 in Buffalo but during the middle of the week McElroy was diagnosed with a concussion and ruled out for the finale, prompting Rex Ryan to select Sanchez to start over Tebow, only creating more of a mess. Sanchez would have yet another miserable game and the Jets would lose, finishing the season 6-10. After the season Rex would say that if he thought Tebow could help them win, he would’ve played him. Rex also passed on a lot of Tebow questions, easily indicating that he never wanted Tebow here, had no used for him, knew he stinks, and that the trade was made by owner Woody Johnson to get the spotlight on the Jets and sell more tickets. Now that is the disgrace of the NFL. On to baseball.

Well, hey, here are the New York Mets, who share the same town with the Jets. With the news that has come across this off-season for the Mets, they are starting to become the “jokes”, the “circus”, a “disgrace” in baseball. First off, I will give them props for extending the contract of star third baseman David Wright for seven more years. Although, all they really did was add years, and a few million each year to what he was already being payed, so that wasn’t and shouldn’t have been so hard for a team with money problems. Now, they had under contract the reigning NL CY Young Award winner in R.A. Dickey, who just had a 20 win season, had a less than 2.75 era, struck out over 225+ batters, and threw two straight one hitters in June. They also had him for another year at only $5 million. They wanted to extend him, but with him being 38 years old and throwing a knuckleball, the Mets were iffy on giving him the two-year, $26 million he wanted, and reportedly would only go as high as two years, $21 million. The tension grew during contract negotiations and it made the Mets look into trades. Eventually, on December 18th, the Mets struck a deal with the Toronto Blue Jays to send Dickey, catchers Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas to the Jays in exchange for top catching prospect Travis d’Arnaud, one of the top pitching prospects in Noah Syndergaard, and two smaller prospects. Were the Mets really that worried about giving Dickey $13 million a year at his age or were they just being cheap and didn’t have the money? I ask because it’s not that often when a team trades their reigning CY Young award winner right after he wins the award. Yes, I know that the Mets had to replenish their farm system and get help for other positions, but you had an ACE for the rotation, a mentor to your young pitchers, and a guy who although is 38 years old, doesn’t have many miles on him.

Now onto more news. It was reported today by that Scott Hairston is seeking a two-year, $8 million contract to return to the Mets. Now before you say yes or no for if you would re-sign Hairston to that deal, lets look at his numbers last season: 32 years old, 377 at bats, .263 AVG, 20 HR’s (led team), 57 RBI’s, 52 runs, 8 stolen bases, 25 doubles, 3 triples, .504 slugging %, .803 OPS, 1.5 WAR, with one error in the field of play all year. Now does that seem like the numbers of a guy you’d be okay with paying four million a year for only two years to? I say that’s absolutely okay with me! Unfortunately, I don’t own the Mets or run them. Along with that reporting by, they say that the Mets made a counter-offer to Hairston. Now get ready for this, because this will blow your mind. Their counter-offer to Hairston is ONE year, $2 MILLION! Are they seriously low balling their home run leader from last year, a guy who beasted against left handing pitching, was a great bat off the bench, played solid defense, and is a good clubhouse guy, with a TWO MILLION dollar offer?! That is ridiculous to say the least, the guy isn’t look for four years, $60 million, all he wants is two years, $8 million, what’s so crazy about that? That’s a really good deal to me. Then again, their the Mets and they got involved with a Ponzi scheme and lost a lot of money and had to ask the MLB to loan them money a couple of years ago. Do the Mets really think Hairston isn’t worth what he’s asking for or do they seriously not have any money to spend? They remain the ONLY TEAM to not sign a single player to a major league contract since the World Series ended as well. How embarrassing is that?

Another piece of news is that they worked out former San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson at UCLA last week and we’re “not impressed” with the workout and don’t want to give him a major league deal. When healthy, this guy is one of the best closers in baseball. Key word though is “healthy” because Wilson made two appearances last season before hurting his elbow and undergoing Tommy John surgery. That’s the thing though, he underwent Tommy John surgery last year, could the Mets possibly think that he’d be 100% during his workout? Tommy John surgery is one of the most precious surgeries for a baseball player and yet the Mets workout a pitcher who’s NINE months removed from TJ surgery and “aren’t impressed” with Wilson. ARE YOU NOT SURPRISED THAT HE MAY NOT HAVE LOOKED PERFECT?! The guy still needs time to recover and regain strength. Give the guy a one year deal and roll the dice on him, he couldn’t possibly cost that much of major surgery. If he doesn’t pan out, than oh well, no one expects huge things from the team anyway. Also, your current closer is FRANK FRANCISCO. Enough said. How can you not want to take a shot on Wilson and maybe get good production and push Francisco out of the closer spot, because god knows how shaky he is and how much the fans do not like him and are reminded of Armando Benitez when he comes into the game in a save situation. Is this team seriously okay with Francisco as the closer and just gonna forget about Wilson? If so, this team is a complete utter joke. I’m a lifelong fan of this team, but it’s so embarrassing rooting for them and seeing them be a penny-pinching team. You’re in the biggest market in the world, spend money and try to improve this team because it needs lots of improvements. Stop penny-pinching and get this team help because the bullpen needs help, especially at closer, and the outfield needs a major makeover because it is also a disgrace. This team should never get a pass, but this is the last off-season that this team can get a pass for not spending. Even COO Jeff Wilpon said that next season with the contracts of departed outfielder Jason Bay and SP Johan Santana off the books and a fresh, young, hungry team on the horizon, that they will be spending again. If that’s true, lets enjoy this upcoming season as much as we can, and then see if they stay true to their word and spend next winter on areas of need. No more excuses Mets. Being in New York and not having money to spend and operating as a small market team is a disgrace in itself, but if this keeps going on, someone has to step in and find new owners for the club. I’ve had enough already.

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