2013 MLB Season Predictions

MLB Opening Day 2013Welcome back to ScoreboardSteve.com! Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve written any articles and posted on here. To be exact, I haven’t written since the Super Bowl, nearly two months ago. Well I’m back now and we are just two minutes away from the first pitch of the 2013 MLB regular season!

Baseball has always been my favorite sport and will always be my number one sport, so I decided to get back on the horse and start writing again. And come on, did you not expect me to pick my 2013 MLB division winners, World Series champion, and awards winners? If you seriously thought I wouldn’t, than shame on you. I’ve always been a big fan of making predictions and picks, so there was no way I was going to miss out on it with my favorite sport this year.

Now last year, my World Series pick was the Los Angeles Angels over San Francisco Giants, and I wound up being dead wrong and not even close when the Angels didn’t even make the playoffs. I got half of it right, sort of, as the Giants did end up making the World Series, and they won the World series for the second time in three years after they swept the Detroit Tigers. My AL and NL MVP’s were Albert Pujols of the Angels and Matt Kemp of the Dodgers, respectively. Both of those picks were again, way off, although Kemp started off the year scorching hot but got the injury bug throughout the season and Pujols would start the year very slow but end on a good note. Another really bad pick of mine was choosing the Miami Marlins to go 92-70, win the NL East, and make the NLCS vs the Giants, boy was I once again completely off. How about we have ourselves a better year this year and get going with my picks? Lets do it.

AL East:
1.Toronto Blue Jays (94-68)
2.Tampa Bay Rays (91-71)*
3.Baltimore Orioles (86-76)
4.New York Yankees (85-77)
5.Boston Redsox (78-84)

AL Central:
1.Detroit Tigers (95-67)
2.Kansas City Royals (83-79)
3.Chicago Whitesox (81-81)
4.Cleveland Indians (77-85)
5.Minnesota Twins (68-94)

AL West:
1.Los Angeles Angels (93-69)
2.Oakland A’s (89-73)*
3.Texas Rangers (85-77)
4.Seattle Mariners (80-82)
5.Houston Astros (57-105)

Wild Card Play In Game: Tampa Bay Rays over Oakland A’s

ALDS: Toronto Blue Jays over Tampa Bay Rays 3-2
ALDS: Detroit Tigers over Los Angeles Angels 3-2

ALCS: Detroit Tigers over Toronto Blue Jays 4-2

NL East:
1.Washington Nationals (98-64)
2.Atlanta Braves (92-70)*
3.Philadelphia Phillies (79-83)
4.New York Mets (73-89)
5.Miami Marlins (61-101)

NL Central:
1.Cincinnati Reds (91-71)
2.St.Louis Cardinals (86-76)
3.Milwaukee Brewers (83-79)
4.Pittsburgh Pirates (76-86)
5.Chicago Cubs (69-93)

NL West:
1.San Francisco Giants (93-69)
2.Los Angeles Dodgers (92-70)*
3.Arizona Diamondbacks (85-77)
4.San Diego Padres (74-88)
5.Colorado Rockies (70-92)

NL Wild Card Play In Game: Los Angeles Dodgers over Atlanta Braves

NLDS: Washington Nationals over Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2
NLDS: San Francisco Giants over Cincinnati Reds 3-1

NLCS: Washington Nationals over San Francisco Giants 4-2

World Series: Detroit Tigers over Washington Nationals 4-3

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera, 3B, Detroit Tigers
Top Five: Evan Longoria, 3B, Rays – Jose Bautista, OF, Blue Jays – Mike Trout, OF, Angels – Yoenis Cespedes, OF, A’s
NL MVP: Joey Votto, 1B, Cincinnati Reds
Top Five: Bryce Harper, OF, Nationals – Ryan Braun, OF, Brewers – Justin Upton, OF, Braves – Buster Posey, C, Giants/Matt Kemp, OF, Dodgers

AL CY Young: Josh Johnson, Toronto Blue Jays
Top Five: Justin Verlander, Tigers – Max Scherzer, Tigers – David Price, Rays – Felix Hernandez, Mariners
NL CY Young: Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers
Top Five: Stephen Strasburg, Nationals – Madison Bumgarner, Giants – Cole Hamels, Phillies – Gio Gonzalez, Nationals

AL R.O.Y: Wil Myers, OF, Tampa Bay Rays
NL R.O.Y: Hyun-Jin Ryu, SP, Los Angeles Dodgers

AL Comeback Player: Victor Martinez, C/1B/DH, Detroit Tigers
NL Comeback Player: Ryan Howard, 1B, Philadelphia Phillies

AL Manager: Joe Maddon, Tampa Bay Rays.
NL Manager: Bruce Bochy, San Francisco Giants.

AL Home Run Champ: Jose Bautista, OF, Toronto Blue Jays
NL Home Run Champ: Giancarlo Stanton, OF, Miami Marlins

AL Sleeper Team: Kansas City Royals
NL Sleeper Team: Milwaukee Brewers

AL Bust Team: Texas Rangers
NL Bust Team: St.Louis Cardinals

Play Ball!

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