2013 NBA Playoff First Round Predictions

2013 NBA Playoff BracketThe 2013 NBA playoffs are finally upon us and that means it’s time to make my predictions. We had a great regular season as we saw a lot of long winning streaks, including the Miami Heat winning 27 straight (good for the second longest all time behind the 1971-1972 Lakers who won 33 straight), the Los Angeles Clippers won 17 straight games, the Denver Nuggets won 15 straight games, and the New York Knicks won 13 straight games. The Chicago Bulls happened to snap both the Heat and Knicks’ win streaks within a three-week span at the end of the season.

We also saw Lakers SG Kobe Bryant score his 30,000th point, but we also saw the future NBA hall of famer go down with a torn achilles at the end of the season. LeBron James became the youngest player to reach the 20,000 point plateau. The most unfortunate and sad news of the season came on February 18th, when Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss passed away from kidney failure. Buss had been battling cancer since 2012 and hadn’t attended a single Lakers game the whole season due to being hospitalized for months. Jerry Buss was 80 years old when he passed away.

Now let’s get to my NBA first round playoff picks.

Eastern Conference:
(1) Miami Heat over (8) Milwaukee Bucks 4-0. MVP: LeBron James.
(2) New York Knicks over (7) Boston Celtics 4-2. MVP: Carmelo Anthony.
(3) Indiana Pacers over (6) Atlanta Hawks 4-2. MVP: Paul George.
(4) Brooklyn Nets over (5) Chicago Bulls 4-3. MVP: Joe Johnson.

Western Conference:
(1) Oklahoma City Thunder over (8) Houston Rockets 4-1. MVP: Kevin Durant.
(2) San Antonio Spurs over (7) Los Angeles Lakers 4-2. MVP: Tony Parker.
(3) Denver Nuggets over (6) Golden State Warriors 4-2. MVP: Wilson Chandler.
(4) Los Angeles Clippers over (5) Memphis Grizzlies 4-3. MVP: Chris Paul.

I’m keeping my preseason NBA Finals prediction and going with the Miami Heat over Oklahoma City Thunder in six games, 4-2.

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