Three Teams That Should Trade For Browns WR Josh Gordon

Josh GordonAs we all know the Cleveland Browns traded star RB Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts three weeks ago. Now there are rumblings that the Browns may be listening to offers for WR Josh Gordon who has been unstoppable since returning from his two game suspension to start the season. Gordon exploded onto the scene last season after the Browns took him in round two of the supplemental draft in August of 2012. Many people ridiculed the pick but the Browns are the last ones laughing as Gordon has been a straight beast since landing in Cleveland as he puts up numbers every week and is quickly becoming one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Now many of you are probably thinking “well if Gordon is this good, why would Cleveland trade him?”. That’s a good point, but if you didn’t realize that they traded another young stud, their ex RB Trent Richardson, whom they took number three overall in the 2012 NFL Draft, then you’d realize that the Browns don’t know what they’re doing. Sure the Browns got a first round pick for Richardson, but this kid was expected to be the face of the franchise and the next Adrian Peterson in the NFL, but after just one season and two games this year, Cleveland shipped him out and got a solid haul for him from Indy. Many wonder what Gordon could net Cleveland since he’s performed better than Richardson over the last year. If the rumors are true that Cleveland is listening on offers for Josh Gordon, then I have three teams that should undoubtedly make strong pushes for to acquire Gordon’s talents.

New England Patriots: The Patriots have surprised some people, including myself, with their 4-1 record through five games this season even after many injuries to key players and the disappearance of Steven Ridley in the run game after his very good rookie year last year. The Patriots lost RB Shane Vereen in week one in Buffalo to a broken wrist and he’s out until late this season. The Pats have been without TE Rob Gronkowski due to back and forearm surgeries in June but will finally get Gronk back this week against New Orleans in Foxborough. The Patriots also lost new WR Danny Amendola, formerly of the Rams, to a groin injury in week 1 but just got him back. There is also the departures of WR Wes Welker to Denver and Brandon Lloyd in free agency. And finally, there was the loss of TE Aaron Hernandez, who was arrested in late June for his involvement in the murder of Odin Lloyd. The Patriots released Hernandez and Hernandez is still awaiting the decision of the legal system. So with that, the Patriots have been extremely thin for weapons for QB Tom Brady. With Amendola back in the fold and Gronkowski returning, Brady gets some major help but with how good they’ve played without those guys, adding a guy like Josh Gordon would only elevate New England to the next level and perhaps make people believe the Pats as a legit Super Bowl contender, especially in the weak AFC. You could put Gordon at the 1, Amendola at the 2, Julian Edleman, who has played great so far this season, in the slot, and Gronk back to tight end, and when you have that, you have a powerful offense. You’d also have to think that the performance of RB Steven Ridley would improve as teams would focus more on the Patriots’ passing game and Gronkowski is a very good blocking tight end that would help big time with Ridley’s protection and running room. Also, the Patriots have never been afraid to trade draft picks. Just imagine seeing Tom Brady throwing to Josh Gordon every Sunday, scary good thought, isn’t it?

Detroit Lions: I think this is a no brainer. The Lions can only focus on the Matthew Stafford to Calvin Johnson connection so much. Nate Burleson is an okay receiver but the Lions definitely need a legit number two receiver to Megatron and Gordon would be the perfect fit in the Lions’ young nucleus. Gordon would take so much attention off Megatron and open up the passing game big time for Stafford and everybody else. It also lessens the targets for Johnson, who has been hurt this season and could definitely use fewer hits every week. Stafford has already thrown for 5,000 yards in a season in his career (2011) and 4,900 (2011 & 2012) twice. If he’s been doing that with Megatron as his main target and not much of a great supporting cast around him, imagine what Stafford would do with a legit number one receiver playing opposite of Megatron? The results would be outstanding and it opens up the running game even more for their new RB, Reggie Bush, who has been very solid running the ball and catching the ball. The Lions would become one of the very best offensive teams in the league which would greatly mask their defensive problems and perhaps allow the Lions a chance to make a deep run in the playoffs. Hey, as good as Calvin Johnson is, the Lions have to get Stafford a legit number two option to line up opposite of Johnson on Sundays.

Carolina Panthers: This spot would’ve gone to the Houston Texans had they never drafted WR DeAndre Hopkins out of Clemson in the first round of this years NFL Draft, but since the Texans finally got Andre Johnson an actual number two to his number one at WR and gave QB Matt Schaub another weapon, the Panthers take this spot. The Panthers have one of the best young QB’s in the league in Cam Newton, who took the league by storm in his rookie season in 2011, although he didn’t have many weapons outside of the aging Steve Smith at WR. Now, with the Panthers being very close to finally knocking back on that playoff door, Cam needs another receiver other than Smith. Plus Smith is 34 years old and the Panthers have to replace him sooner rather than later and Josh Gordon would be a great addition to Carolina to give Cam another weapon in the passing game and be Smith’s eventual replacement. A QB-WR combo of Cam Newton and Josh Gordon, respectively, would be amazing to see for the next 5-10 years for the Panthers. The Panthers are very close to being a playoff ready team and adding a young stud at WR for Cam Newton is very crucial. With New Orleans back to being New Orleans, Tampa Bay still not being able to put all their talent together, and Atlanta, PERHAPS taking a step back, the Panthers need to make their move now and this off-season to make a run in the NFC South, because I believe they’re very close to being the team they envisioned a couple of years back when they drafted Cam Newton number one overall out of Auburn in the 2011 NFL Draft.

My honorable mentions for teams that should strongly considering making a push to trade for Browns WR Josh Gordon: New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, and St.Louis Rams.

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