Predicting The Four Teams Who Will Make The First College Football Playoff

IMG_0175-1.JPGThe 2014 college football season is upon us and it marks the first official season of the new college football playoff. There is no more BCS anymore and we have a better, more stable playoff format that makes more sense. So instead of two teams only having a shot at the national title, four teams will play in a two game format for the championship. It’s not the GREATEST format because I believe it should be an eight team playoff, but nonetheless this is a step in the right direction. So with the debut of the new college football playoff, we say hello to a more fair system and more teams being given the opportunity to play for the national title.

I will now make my picks for the four teams I believe will make the playoff and who I think will take home the national championship. There are many really good teams this year, so this was tough to pick the four teams that I think will make it, but I managed. So without further ado, here are the four teams I believe will be playing for a shot at the national championship.

1.Alabama Crimson Tide (Opening season ranked #2): What is there to say about Alabama? We know the story with them, year in and year out they finish as one of the top teams in all of college football, even if it doesn’t result in a national title. Nick Saban is the best coach in the entire sport and always gets the most out of his players. AJ McCarron is out if Alabama though, so the ‘Tide have to turn to a new quarterback to lead them. McCarron was never a must see, explosive QB, but he was very manageable and kept Alabama in every single game. As long as the new QB can protect the ball and be a good game manager, Alabama will remain at the top. Nick Saban will get the most out of anyone at QB anyway, and I see him using his magic once again this year. Alabama moves on to the college football playoff.

2.Oregon Ducks (Opening season ranked #3): Oregon always opens the season as a top team but finishes just short at the end of the year when they endure their one loss or two losses midway through the season or at the end that ruined their chances in the BCS. This is different, you definitely don’t HAVE TO finish undefeated to make the playoff, like you sometimes did for the BCS, but one loss definitely doesn’t end your chances to make the playoff. This really helps out Oregon because they always seem to get one crucial loss towards the end of their season that basically ends their run towards the national title. Now, when that happens, if it happens, it’s not as bad of news. Oregon has the best QB in all of college football in Marcus Mariota, who is the early odds-on favorite to be the #1 overall pick in the 2015 Draft, and probably would’ve been the #1 pick this year had he declared for the draft. A great coaching staff at Oregon always helps keep them in contention. An offensive scheme that at most times is unmatched is what really separates them from the rest of the pack and allows them to be the scoring machine that they are. I believe with a top QB prospect in an amazing offense is what will really allow Oregon to get into the national title picture and into the playoff. Oregon moves on to the college football playoff.

3.Oklahoma Sooners (Opening season ranked #4): Our lasting image of Oklahoma is storming from behind and defeating Alabama in last seasons Sugar Bowl in what was the best bowl game from last season. This year Oklahoma brings in a very good recruiting class and brings back a maturing gritty QB in Trevor Knight, who led the Sooners in that incredible victory over Alabama at the Superdome. Knight has a lot of work to do to show the world that his Sugar Bowl performance wasn’t a fluke. Bob Stoops is one of the top coaches in college football and with an even better team than last season, I expect Oklahoma to get back to the top and into the college football playoff. Oklahoma moves on to the college football playoff.

4.Michigan State Spartans (Opening season ranked #8): Year in and year out, Michigan State surprises us all and makes a little run. Ohio State has lost Heisman Trophy candidate QB Braxton Miller for the season and this opens the door wider for Michigan State to win the BIG10. Michigan State won the Rose Bowl last year over Stanford 24-20 in a great game. The team brings back QB Connor Cook after a breakout season as some draft experts think with some more improvement this season that he can be one of the top QB’s taken in the 2015 draft. Michigan State brings in a highly touted defense and one of the best pass rushers in all of college football, Shilique Calhoun. Calhoun is a consensus top 10 pick in next years draft. With a top defense and an evolving quarterback in what’s not exactly the toughest conference in football, I think MSU will make it to the college football playoff, and possibly end the season undefeated, that’s how good I think they are. Michigan State moves on to the college football playoff.

National Championship Game: Oregon 27, Michigan State 23. A rematch of their week two matchup. This time around the high powered offense will beat the power defense, unlike in the last Super Bowl.

Just missed the cut: #1 Florida State, #7 UCLA, #10 Baylor, #11 Stanford, and #13 LSU.

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