2020 MLB Season Picks

The 2020 MLB season is finally upon us! After a tumultuous 9 months, the world’s greatest game is returning, albeit in a shortened 60 games in 66 days sprint of a season. For reasons all too obvious the 2020 MLB season was delayed by 4 months, thus forcing this season that is barely over a third of a normal season. This creates lots of different options for postseason picks because all it can take is a team storming out of the gates hot that could set itself up in prime position for a playoff spot. Remember the Mets starting their season 11-1 a couple of years ago? Or what about the hot start the Mariners got out to last year? Have either of these teams been to the playoffs in the last few years? No, and in the Mariners’ case, not even at least in the last decade. Now in a 60 game sprint, getting off to those types of starts is almost paramount and gives a team or teams a huge leg up during this sprint of a season. Any teams that get off to, say a 5-10 start, may already start to panic this season but not normally during a 162 game full season. Here are some tidbits before we take a look at my picks: I believe 2020 very well may be the year of the underdog and we may well see multiple surprise teams making the playoffs ahead of their rebuilding schedules. So without further ado, here are the picks

AL East:
1. New York Yankees (39-21)
2. Tampa Bay Rays (36-24) *
3. Toronto Blue Jays (24-36)
4. Boston Red Sox (19-41)
5. Baltimore Orioles (14-46)

AL Central:
1. Chicago White Sox (34-26)
2. Minnesota Twins (33-27) *
3. Cleveland Indians (28-32) *

4. Kansas City Royals (17-43)
5. Detroit Tigers (13-47)

AL West:
1. Houston Astros (35-25)
2. Oakland A’s (31-29) *
3. Texas Rangers (27-33) *

4. Los Angeles Angels (24-36)
5. Seattle Mariners (20-40)

NL East:
1. Atlanta Braves (34-26)
2. New York Mets (32-28) *
3. Washington Nationals (30-30) *
4. Philadelphia Phillies (28-32) *

5. Miami Marlins (15-45)

NL Central:
1. Cincinnati Reds (35-25)
2. St.Louis Cardinals (31-29) *
3. Chicago Cubs (28-32)
4. Milwaukee Brewers (24-36)
5. Pittsburgh Pirates (16-44)

NL West:
1. Los Angeles Dodgers (39-21)
2. San Diego Padres (30-30) *
3. Arizona Diamondbacks (27-33)
4. Colorado Rockies (21-39)
5. San Francisco Giants (12-48)

AL Wild Card Series:
#1 New York Yankees over
#8 Texas Rangers 2-0
#2 Houston Astros over #7 Cleveland Indians 2-1
#6 Oakland A’s over #3 Chicago White Sox 2-1
#4 Tampa Bay Rays over #5 Minnesota Twins 2-1

NL Wild Card Series:
#1 Los Angeles Dodgers over
#8 Philadelphia Phillies 2-0
#2 Cincinnati Reds over #7 Washington Nationals 2-1
#3 Atlanta Braves over #6 San Diego Padres 2-0
#4 New York Mets over #5 St.Louis Cardinals 2-1

#4 Tampa Bay Rays over
#1 New York Yankees 3-2
#6 Oakland A’s over #2 Houston Astros 3-2

#1 Los Angeles Dodgers over
#4 New York Mets 3-2
#2 Cincinnati Reds over #3 Atlanta Braves 3-1

#4 Tampa Bay Rays over
#6 Oakland A’s 4-2

#1 Los Angeles Dodgers over
#2 Cincinnati Reds 3-2

World Series:
#1 Los Angeles Dodgers over
#4 Tampa Bay Rays 4-2

AL MVP: Eloy Jimenez, OF, Chicago White Sox
NL MVP: Cody Bellinger, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers

AL Cy Young: Mike Clevinger, SP, Cleveland Indians
NL Cy Young: Luis Castillo, SP, Cincinnati Reds

AL Rookie Of The Year: Luis Robert, CF, Chicago White Sox
NL Rookie Of The Year: Shogo Akiyama, OF, Cincinnati Reds

AL Manager Of The Year: Rick Rentería, Chicago White Sox
NL Manager Of The Year: Luis Rojas, New York Mets

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